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Ever wondered what sets Chevrolet OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts apart from the rest? Chevrolet OEM parts are backed by the Chevrolet parts guarantee of top-notch quality and performance you can count on. Compared to aftermarket parts, OEM Chevrolet parts and GM parts are more costly but provide the best reliability for your work and play around Griffin and McDonough. Discover more about Chevy parts and Chevrolet OEM parts with our quick guide below, then schedule service online or contact us to learn more! 

Why Not Aftermarket Parts? 

Chevrolet, among other car manufacturers, does not produce aftermarket parts. Other companies and third parties produce aftermarket parts. Aftermarket automotive parts are built quickly and designed to fit more than one make of car, as opposed to Chevy OEM parts designed specifically for Chevy vehicles. 

Aftermarket parts are less expensive than OEM Chevy automotive parts, but they are not specifically designed for Chevy vehicles. For this reason, aftermarket parts aren’t the best fit for Chevy vehicles. While aftermarket parts can save you money in the short-term, they don’t live up to OEM quality standards and tend to last a shorter period of time than top-quality Chevrolet OEM parts do. 

Chevrolet OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Still unsure if you should choose aftermarket parts or Chevrolet OEM parts for your Chevrolet vehicle around Forsyth? Aside from base quality differences, there are several more reasons to opt for Chevrolet OEM parts: 

  • Warranty Protection: Chevrolet OEM parts carry the backing of the Chevy Limited Parts Warranty to ensure that you are protected. If proven that aftermarket parts have damaged your vehicle, however, that could put your warranty coverage at risk.
  • Less Confusing Selection: Whether you’re searching for special performance parts or a more general replacement part, you don’t have to worry about wading through an overwhelming array of options to find the best fit, quality, and price for your vehicle. You can count on the best fit and quality at the best price, without all the hassle. 

OEM Chevrolet parts are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly and to last as long as the original part that it’s replacing. However, aftermarket parts are a cheaper, inferior option that could jeopardize your Chevy Limited Parts Warranty. Our service center carries a wide range of Chevrolet OEM parts, such as shocks, brake pads, and performance parts, to ensure that you’re always protected at a price you can afford!

Shop Chevrolet OEM Parts Near Macon

If you're looking for your next Chevrolet OEM parts dealer near %%target_city_5%, look no further than Volume Chevrolet for the Chevy parts and accessories you need to keep you going! Contact us today to chat with our customer service team. You can order parts online or visit us in-person to learn more! We look forward to guiding you towards the perfect parts and accessories for your Chevy vehicle! 

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