How to Gap Spark Plugs

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At Volume Chevrolet, we offer a full service center to keep your Chevy in top condition on the Griffin roads. Whether you need a routine oil change or a serious collision repair, we’ve got you covered! One of the most critical parts of your vehicle is the spark plug, which is what helps ignite the engine when you turn your key (or push a button in later models). The spark plug has a very small “gap” between electrodes that must be maintained in order for it to make a proper spark and start your engine. These days, vehicles usually come with pre-gapped spark plugs, but measurements can sometimes be a bit off. Spark plugs also wear out just like any other vehicle component, and they’ll eventually have to be replaced. Our team has put together a guide outlining how to gap spark plugs below – check it out!



Gapping Spark Plugs: Step-By-Step Instructions

While most vehicles today come with pre-gapped spark plugs, the time may come when you have to replace them. You can leave this to the professionals or you can do it yourself if you prefer. However, if you do it yourself, be very careful–being off by even a thousandth of an inch can damage your engine! If the gap is too small, nothing will happen when you turn the key, and if it’s too wide, your engine will misfire. You’ll need to get a feeler gauge or gap gauge to properly gap spark plugs. Then, carefully follow these steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is determine the right size gap. The Chevy 350 spark plug gap is 0.035 inches. Most new Chevy vehicles run on the 350 engine, but be sure to confirm with your user manual.
  2. Make sure the spark plugs are clean and free of dirt and other debris.
  3. Use your feeler gauge or gap gauge to measure the current gap. It should fit perfectly at the measurement listed above. If you can’t fit the 0.035-inch blade or coin through the electrodes, the gap is too small. If you can pass it through the electrodes without touching either of them, it’s too big.
  4. If the gap size needs adjusting, use the gap tool to carefully bend the ground (bottom) electrode. Be gentle, as the electrode is not particularly durable and can’t take a lot of pressure. Measure in terms of a fraction of an inch (0.01 inches) at a time.
  5. Measure it again, and repeat the above process until you reach the correct gap width.

Keep Your Vehicle In Top Condition at Volume Chevrolet!

If you’d prefer to let one of the experts at Volume Chevrolet take care of your Chevy 350 spark plug gap, go ahead and schedule a service appointment on our website! We’ll take care of everything and get you safely back on the McDonough and Forsyth roads in no time. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or to learn more about the other services we offer, and a member of our team will be happy to help you out. Be sure to keep an eye on our service specials if you’re looking to save on your appointment!


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